by Subatomica



Craving something, an awakening. Something passionate..something real. She begs for a invitation to go back to the raw wild fires of what we humans once traded for reason. Just then, like a prayer answered, a seductive melody triggers a primal part of her instincts' memory. A recollection of cool, crisp air. A breeze.wet against her skin. Twilight. Visions of an alien dream world of lavender oceans and silver sand beaches. Warm and pulsating analog waves crash in front of her, guiding her mind from this Venusian fantasy to an ancient, eerily quiet, and mysterious place. The stone walls covered in moss, and relief carvings of an undecipherable script from a long forgotten time. Ahead, illuminated by a mysterious amber colored glow, is a wooden table. She takes a seat in the antique chair set across from the lizard. On the table, a key. The lizard offers her a bottle that says "drink me". She hesitates - but nonetheless takes a sip. ..darkness.nothing.. A door appears in the shadows ahead. It's locked. The key!


released December 21, 2014

Conceptualized, written, played, programmed, produced, and mixed by Jexime and Kanizzle, aka Subatomica

Live percussion and other instrumentation on 'Kunda's Song' and 'Asamoyah' by Gina Ferrera

Artwork by

Mastered by Nick Moon at Tone Proper



all rights reserved


Subatomica Taos, New Mexico

"Suspension of Disbelief"

Subatomica is a long term multi-media creative project by Jexime & Kanizzle, with love and music at it's core.

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